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Approval strategy

I've heard it said that there's no way that Congress will ever approve The People's Amendment.

Well, think again.

How did women get the right to vote? They built momentum by getting the right to vote in the western states, where they had a stronger voice in governance on the frontier. So we take a lesson from the women, and we build momentum in the 24 states that have an initiative process — mostly western states: USC Initiative and Referendum Institute map.

We get initiatives on the ballots in these 24 states in 2010, and we give the people of these states the opportunity to tear up the blank check that they’ve given to their state government. And won’t they enjoy doing that!

Let’s mount campaigns in all 24 states and work together to create self-supporting campaigns and obtain national media coverage of this grassroot movement. Send me email if you'd like to start an initiative campaign in your state: campaign @

The idea of giving the people control of the ability of the government to take their money will have a magnetic appeal to the people because who wants anyone — let alone the government — drawing money from their pocketbook?

Here's a short, fast-moving strategy paper that you can print for people who may be interested: The People's Amendment: Let's tear up the blank check!