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Enhancing the grassroot movement

The theme of The People's Amendment will enhance the effectiveness of the emerging grassroot movement against unrestrained government growth by offering a message that is focused, positive, concrete, and dramatic.

Focused.  The amendment theme is focused because it solves just one problem, namely, the fundamental problem that underlies the unrestrained growth of government.

Positive.  The amendment theme establishes a positive message, namely, power for the people — government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

Concrete.  The amendment theme transforms the idea of the cost of government into a concrete image, namely, a blank check vs. a filled-in check.

Dramatic.  The amendment theme is dramatic through tearing up the blank check.

I believe that this message will draw bipartisan popular support like a magnet draws iron filings.

As they say, the best defense is a good offense.

The People's Amendment provides an unstoppable offense!

Impregnable to attack

The theme of The People's Amendment is impregnable to attack against the cost-cutting efforts of fiscal watch dogs, as follows.

Approval without reduction.  Approval of the amendment would establish a ceiling on government income+debt at the current level of government income+debt, expressed as a fraction of the income of the economy or GDP — gross domestic product. Approval of the amendment would not reduce this fraction; hence, approval would not require eliminating any existing programs.

Living within our means.  The amendment provides for an increase in government income+debt at the rate of growth of the income of the economy. Growth at a faster rate would constitute living beyond our means, which is as foolish a strategy for the government and the nation, as it is for an individual or a family.

The people's ceiling.  If the people later reduce the ceiling, the government will be motivated to make its operations as efficient as possible and, if necessary, to offload programs into the private sector, where they will benefit from the incentives of competition. Fiscal watch dogs will remind Congress that, as a famous American once said, democracy is government of the people, by the people, and for the people.